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The pleasure and the love to catch “the moment” began at the age of 17 when, in a pale moment, I stepped down down in the cellar and found a 70' black bag. There was inside a camera. That was the moment which defined, that I want to do photography. From that time all of my passions were to study photographic technique by myself and make photos for the remark of the lights of the world. When I was 19, i started to work as graphic in a studio, acquiring important knowledge in terms of programs. It helped me a lot to develop my photos more and more powerful. I was doing retouching and video compositions, and in 2002 I was assigned a publicity, curing photography and graphic, of a satellite decoder published on eutelsat and satellite in Italy. From this time my photography was acknowledged, I received more and more commissions and I had the opportunity to look into several artistic cultural parts. In the same period I enroll to the academy of Hamlet International School, which fundamentally contributed to my spiritual development, what i call “a deep travel in the dark of myself”. I use my theatre experiences, my borders and my fears to enchance my photos’ intensity, depth and materiality. I got acquinted with Stanislavskij method, which is based a methodolical idea. He defined the methodology of physical actions, a proposition which distances itself from the commonly knownreferences of the previous work about the character and its construction, which in life,revealed as worthy of such attention. Due to my travel to the world of theatres my photography became a new form: I take the photo using all shades of the color scale. I strongly use the contact between the person on the other side of the camera, because every shot makes a contact, which generates feelings, memories and reactions. This is the key of the art. It makes the photo live. It makes art. From 2005 until now I had worked in a famous theatre in mid-Italy (Teatro Rossini di Pesaro, Teatro comunale di Cagli, Teatro Angel dal Foco di Pergola), in festivals ( 800 Festival di Saludecio-Rimini ) and in auditions. I also make wedding and music photos (bands: Falena, Twinspirit, Volver, Le Selve ). In 2005 my photos were exhibited in the competition of Concorso fotografico “Lucrezia Borgia” di Cartoceto . In 2007 fourteen of my photos were exhibited in Georgia, Tbilisi in the name of ‘Window to the sea’.
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